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By Rob Osthus / April 5, 2020

A Beginner’s Guide to Cold Spray Terminology

The cold spray process is a supersonic particle deposition where the powder is accelerated to a critical velocity by an inert gas. Read on to become familiar with some of the basic terminology.

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Hands of laboratory technician wearing scrubs, mask and latex clubs, swabbing a petri dish
By Rob Osthus / March 27, 2020

Use Copper to Microbe-proof Your Medical and Restaurant Equipment

With the medical and food production industries coming under unprecedented pressure for cleanliness and sterilization in the age of COVID-19,...

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By Rob Osthus / February 12, 2020

Cold Spray vs Thermal Spray – An Overview

What do the aerospace, shipping, oil, gas, and mining industries all have in common? They have high-dollar components that cause...

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